Monday, November 19, 2007

Well it's Monday morning and I thought it was a good time to pick some winners. I used a random number generator and it spit out number 12 and 29. So the winners are.......................
Shutterbug and Darlene d. I will need you to email me your addresses so I can send a treat your way.

Thanks to everybody who played. You all brought a smile to my face. :)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Everybody loves surprises! I know I sure do! In fact ask my post lady what I ask her, when I see her filling the boxes. Do you have any brown paper packages tied up with strings? LOL Most days she says no, that makes me sad. So lets get going with some Blog Candy! Yes I said Blog Candy! I want to give some postal surprises.
To help me think happy thoughts (see 2nd post down) I want you to leave me a Happy Christmas Memory or Tradition. Something that makes you smile when You think about it. It can be an event, a special recipe or ornament. Just a Happy thought that brings a smile in this wonderful season.

Mine is..... I always start the season with a viewing of Irving Berlin's White Christmas. I love this movie so much. I play it several times during the Holidays. I am a little sappy. LOL
This movie aired every year on Christmas Eve. My sister and I would slip away from the festivities upstairs. (It's my Dad's Birthday) and we would watch the movie together. We would sing and dance to the sisters song and those memories do bring a smile to my face. In fact I feel like having a Hot chocolate and watching it today. As Elf would say "Smiling is my most favourite"! So is Christmas, so help me smile and post a comment.
"Winners will be chosen at random" But you can't win if you don't play!
I see Angels! I love the new stamp set by SU! , Holy Triptych. I love the simple beautiful images. I also love cracked glass technique. So put the two together and you will be seeing Angels.
I love to add a little bit of glitter to the cracked glass so my first step is to cover the whole piece with the versa mark then........ emboss it with iridescent ice. Then do my glaze layers. I love glitter. :)

For this card I stamped the frame then masked it, I then stamped the angel in gold ink. I cut around the tag frame and punched my ribbon hole at the top. Then embossed the whole thing in iridescent ice ep. Then I applied 3 coats of glossy glaze. Put it in the freezer for a minute then .........(my favorite part) I got to the Crackalackin!

I stamped the flourish from Baroque Motifs in gold ink randomly on Night of Navy card stock.

I would have used round gold brads but apparently I don't have any. LOL

This is beautiful in real life. I don't know if I will make it as my Christmas card. It's alot of work. But well worth the effort.

I used an unusual colour combo for this one. Night of Navy, Garden Green and Baroque Burgundy. I used the new so swirly wheel on the back ground with gold ink. I did the Angel with the iridescent ice ep and the cracked glass tech. I love how these cards look.

I am working to improve my camera skills, it is a work in progress. I think I need a new camera, but my DH just rolls his eyes when I say that. Hmmmmmm maybe a little present to me, is in order? wink wink.

I have not done a lot of stamping through the month of October. I had my wonderful trip to SLC and then came back to the real world of dishes and laundry and the sneaky approach of the Christmas season.
I know I promised some blog candy this week......... but I will let you know why I didn't get to it. (This is sad) On Wednesday as we went to pick up our daughter from school, my little munchkin cat Oswald was chased under the truck as we backed down the driveway. We hit him, he died in my arms on the way to the vet. This was an amazingly special cat. My DH bought him for me when I finished my Cancer treatments. The whole family was in total grief and we spent a lot of family downtime this week.

I still miss him talking at me through the bathroom door and seeing his funny little short legged run. He was extraordinary and missed greatly. So this was my week. But the world doesn't stop so neither do I. I was able to stamp last night and it did for the short time get those awful images out of my head.
Thanks for reading my ramble. :)

Friday, November 02, 2007

This is too, totally awesome. I took my Daughter up to Halifax today to go to UC Baby. I must admit I had tears in my eyes when I looked upon the sweet face of my unborn grandson Ayden.
I just can't get over how beautiful he is. He looks so much like my DD. It was a very sweet afternoon.

It was so cute to watch him open his eyes, and smile and suck his fists. I can't wait for him to arrive. He is definately a boy! :)

I haven't stamped a whole lot, but I plan to change that over the weekend and be able to post new items this weekend.

Look for some blog candy coming next week. Yippee I love candy!