Thursday, September 28, 2006

I got me some new rubbah!!!! I love this stamp and had to have it. (eating is highly over rated.) It is called snowflakes collage by peddler's pack.

I just love everything about it! I used the CC from this week to make this card.

I really like it!

I'm done, I'm done, I'm finally done! It seems like I have been trying to get this layout done forever. I think it felt that way because they are for someone else.

I entered a contest at my LSS.
The contest was to design pages for Breast Cancer survivors. The pages will be put into 4 albums to be won by 4 survivor's. As a survivor myself i really wanted to do this.

The pages will be on display for the month of October, then at the end of October there will be a party and prizes and stuff awarded.
What i love so much about this is .................I've never scrapped before. I have done a total of 3 little 6x6 pages. But nothing like this.
I went to SCS and found a layout in the scrapbook challenges. I changed it up a fair bit but I am pretty happy with it!

Of course I had to use primas and they are perfect for it!!!!! If I do say so myself.

When i handed my pages in, the girl was saying how nice they were. (blushes) When she found out they were my first scrap pages she was like " You should scrap more"! I think I will. :)

I hope my pages will make their new owner smile. I love being able to brighten someone elses day!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Today is Market Day!

I love the market. At the market you can purchase a wide variety of items from handmade soaps, apple pie and fresh produce and flowers. As well as everything in between.

My DH Mike makes Native American Style Flutes, he has spent many an hour at the market entertaining the locals and tourists alike. Even though today was cold and overcast, a good time was had at the market. Many tourists stopped to beg a picture with the crazy flute guy.

We have had an amazing time at the market. So many people and Mikes flutes have been extremely popular.

They have even been used in concert! To check out Mikes cool flutes, go to

The Market closes in 2 weeks and we will be sad to see it end. But there is always next year.

The flute on the right is called a drone flute or affectionately referred to as 1/2 a poor mans bagpipe. It is an incrediably beautiful sounding instrument. All Mike's flutes are hand made and concert tuned. Each has a voice as individual as the wood it is made from.

Also today Laura and i got to shop the market for really cool looking gourds and pumpkins. We were invited out to a pumpkin patch to collect some for ourselves. I love Fall!!!

So we had a wonderful day at the Market!!! We were lucky we got home before it rained.

I had to share this picture too! This is my sweet Elwood. He is a Flame Point Siamese, at least what you get when you cross a Chocolate Point and an Orange tabby!

He is perfect for our family of red heads. I love his blue eyes. What i don't love is he is a late night toe biter! Rascal.

His favorite place to nap is the laundry basket with his brother (Jake) and sisters (Olivia and Juliette) . Yes we named them, Yes we kept them all! Yes we are nuts!
Next to babies, kittens are the bestest!

I had the oppurtunity to stamp tonight! I don't often get the chance on a Friday night.
I wanted to play with a stamp that i received in the mail this week. I had seen this stamp in the gallery but couldn't find it anywhere.
But I was gifted one by Teresa (jtkshaw) What a wonderful friend and what a nice surprise.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I love these colors.....regal rose and rose red and pale plum and perfect plum. It really has ben fun just to play around with the rubbah!

Friday, September 22, 2006


Tonight my kids and I have been making Halloween cards. I think it is one of our most favorite times of the year. I love the cool air, the fall colors, apple cider and of course the chance to get all creepy!

My dh's birthday is Halloween so it makes it extra fun. Last year my son hid in the leaves and popped out at some teenage girls. I wonder if they will come back this year. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha.

I like this card, it was done using the sketch challenge from this week and I also doodled although that is a skill i need to work on. I love the wheel back ground with the cheesecloth over it.

Wishing everybody a happy Boo to you!!!

This is my little Oswald. No your eye's are not playing tricks on you, he has extremely short legs and only weighs 3 lbs.

He is a Munchkin. When i saw him in the pet store i knew i had to have him! As well as his sister, sweet Molly.

My Dh could not refuse, I was going through treatments for Breast Cancer at the time. He bought them as comfort for me.

He is such a special little guy, he talks to me....not in the I hear voices sence. LOL Oswald was hit by a car and was missing for about a week, he made it home dragging himself just before the first big snow of the season. He had a dislocated hip, the vet was laughing cause his anatomy is all messed up. He had to wear a cast for 6 weeks he was extremely put out. He doesn't go near the road anymore. His sister was not so lucky and we lost her to the road. But I do have 2 of her babies, one is munchkin one is not.

I am a cat person, my DH is a dog person and I can give you 100 reasons why cat people and dog people shouldn't marry!

Thanks for letting me share my furry friends!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I am bowing to the peer pressure of my friends! Whoever say's we outgrow this horible phase in life is lying. But I do want to be part of the cool crowd, one of the hip kids. As well I am tired of my kids laughing at my lack of computer skills.

So from this point on I join with my cool friends and vow to rock and wow this blog.