Saturday, September 23, 2006

Today is Market Day!

I love the market. At the market you can purchase a wide variety of items from handmade soaps, apple pie and fresh produce and flowers. As well as everything in between.

My DH Mike makes Native American Style Flutes, he has spent many an hour at the market entertaining the locals and tourists alike. Even though today was cold and overcast, a good time was had at the market. Many tourists stopped to beg a picture with the crazy flute guy.

We have had an amazing time at the market. So many people and Mikes flutes have been extremely popular.

They have even been used in concert! To check out Mikes cool flutes, go to

The Market closes in 2 weeks and we will be sad to see it end. But there is always next year.

The flute on the right is called a drone flute or affectionately referred to as 1/2 a poor mans bagpipe. It is an incrediably beautiful sounding instrument. All Mike's flutes are hand made and concert tuned. Each has a voice as individual as the wood it is made from.

Also today Laura and i got to shop the market for really cool looking gourds and pumpkins. We were invited out to a pumpkin patch to collect some for ourselves. I love Fall!!!

So we had a wonderful day at the Market!!! We were lucky we got home before it rained.

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Anonymous said...

awesome pictures! I love Laura's smile :) It looks like Market is a blast. Hugs from me.