Thursday, December 28, 2006

I wish my photography skills were better.......... but I am going to show you this anyway! This is another name frame that I have done. I literally used the scraps from my scrappin' kit to make this. It is a gift going with the journal as well.
I picked up these really cool Bazzill, chipboard tags at my lss. I used so saffron craft ink and clear ep to set it. I used my cricut to cut out the letters. I also got a little bag of primas.......I know " Like I need more." But I found these perfect little flowers in there. :)

I used my Flourishes stamps by Rhonna Farrer, (love them!) and the whole thing just came together. I love doing these frames. I actually stained 3 at once. So they'd be ready to go when I am.
These are a gift for a special person and I hope she loves them!

I spent all day yesterday, playing around and making these little books. It was not as easy as you would think. Written directions and i don't always mix. LOL I flubbed the first one, it will be used for showing the kit. I will finish the inside first. :)

I then made one from copy paper to hone my technique. I t made me feel better that even DH couldn't make out the directions. I fiddled with it until I could make sense of it and voila, I achieved a cute little book.

This is the inside of the book. It looks pretty on the inside too! I used stickers from the kit and Rhonna Farrer, Flourishes stamps by Autumn Leaves. The big squares are for journaling or pictures. Once you have it, these are fun and easy!

This one is just pretty on the outside. LOL But once i have time to complete it, it will shine too!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

When I ordered this set, I didn't think I would love it. It reminded me too much of paint prints from last year. But I guess i fancy that little swirl flourish , cause this is so much fun to play with.
I used my fave colours which are rose red and regal rose. I was lucky and had a scrap of vanilla paper. (I need more) I think this card used all of my favorite things, colours, brads, pretty ribbon, and paisley!

I love the layout too. Thanks to Rox who posts these challenges every week! Well, I am off to play some more!
Well, I thought I would have a go at the Colour Challenge for today. The colours were cool Caribbean, vintage violet and rose red. I was not to sure about the colours together but I think they go nicely!
I used my new Sell-a-bration set. I cut out the flowers and using my aqua painter coloured it in in rose red ink. I used a Prima and rhinestone for the centers.
I curled the flower around my paper piercer and then popped it up on pop dots.
I can't wait to play some more tomorrow. :)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I moved my ribbon to my stamping room so it would be safe from the kids. But I guess Ellwood had other plans. I guess sleeping on pretty ribbon would be nice, but I think Primas would be better!

So here are the last of them. I finished last night at 1 am. I did enjoy doing them, but i think I finally got it by the last one.

I love the old anything that can go wrong. LOL Both my Xyron machines ran out of adhesive. I used every piece of sticky strip I could find.

My kids decided my pop up glue dots would look better on the floor. Grrrrrr, a whole brand new package. But I still managed to get the job done.

I think I like this one the best. I used some of my SU papers that have been hanging around for awhile. I am learning to master my Cricut. :) I love the softness of the flourishes on the stripe. (it gave me chills) Sorry , but I guess it was getting late.

I bought that beautiful chocolate brown ribbon at my LSS. It is so pretty. Normally i would never use it, but after all it's Christmas.
This is the last one....for awhile. Again I love my Cricut!!!!! These papers are just so fun and bright. They are Basic gray "Gypsy". I glued the jewels on with glue I got at Walmart........BIG Mistake. The glue is terrible and when I picked up the journal all the crystals popped off.
I should have used crystal effects. Then I would not have had a problem.
I hope you enjoyed my journey into journals. I did have fun making them.....but come New Years, "I will not procrastinate." Yah, right, but I can dream can't I!

Friday, December 22, 2006

So it's the days before Christmas and i am working like a stamper possesssed. I needed to make 6 journals by Sunday. Do I mind doing it? No!! I loved doing it, cause I get to do my favorite thing. I need to stop procrastinating......(somebody slap me)

Any way, I have been using my beautiful Wild Asparagus papers. (sniffle, sniffle) Have I mentioned I am a hoarder? LOL (also an understatement, ask Mike)
This paper looks blue but it actually matched perfectly to vintage violet. It's great when stuff matches. I used my Rhonna Farrer flourish stamps too. I use them a lot.

I ran all the twill through my little xyron sticker maker. It adheres the binding so well. Of course I used primas. (everybody is Prima worthy at Christmas) I also used my little crystal brads. So cute.
I was also playing with my new.......Curvey Cutter by EK success. So easy and fun, I have the circle and square too. (rolls eyes)
It is also the new sellabration set, I love those verses!

Here is number 2. Again using Wild Asparagus paper. (yummy) Primas, crystal brads and my new oval cutter. I used my cricut for the letters. I need a couple of new font's. (Santa take the hint)

Another Wild Asparagus paper.......did i say i love this paper? The same but different. If I had had more time........I would have stamped more but I wanted them simple but pretty. I bought a stack of composition books and shadow frames yesterday. Got to love the dollar store.

Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon. I have ribbon in the house. Thanks Jody for the awesome ribbon share. Now I have more to hoard.
I just adore my pretty, pretty ribbon. Now i just need to use it!!!! But maybe it's too pretty to use.
Plus you'd need to be ribbon worthy! LOL

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I was in at my LSS. I didn't intend to buy anything but.....I was only a few dollars away from filling my 25.00$ card so I bought this cute tin. Then i bought a couple more things because i had free money. LOL

The tin is by Maya Road and it is a Tea Time tin. I love it cause it is a bit taller and Narrow and fits cards that are 41/4x51/2 perfectly.

This one was part of a gift exchange and was given with the name frame in the post below.

I love the new Primas. They are so bright and beautiful. I really enjoy making the tins. I just wish i had more time to craft.
This is the gift together. She loved it! Which made me very happy!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Well, I haven't had much luck with stamping lately. Too many other things to do. (Unfortunately) But lucky for me, i needed a gift exchange present. Since i don't know this lady very well and I wanted something cheap......I mean wonderful! :) I was checking out the Dollar store and found these shadow boxes. I only bought 3, I am going back next week.

I used my cricut to cut out the letter's, one in a chatterbox paper the other cranberry crisp. My fave color of the moment. I used the other side of the double sided paper and stamped print pattern on it in Olive. I used my Autumn Leaves flourishes in cranberry ep by Ranger.

I faux stitched around each little diamond. Of course i had to use a Prima. Which had some Crystal Effects applies and then dazzling diamonds dumped on top. The center is a crystal brad.

At the end I desided to dress up the frame too! So I used versa mark and the flourishes with the cranberry ep. Then outlined the flourishes with a white gel pen. To make them stand out!

Pretty good for a dollar store frame.

Friday, December 08, 2006

What is this? Is it a Pink Pac Man? Noooooooooo, it is my new best friend! (Sorry Jen)
I was in at my LSS and the owner made me buy one. Well... you all know my arm doesn't need a whole lot of twisting. Besides it was only 1.99 so highly affordable.

It is of course an edge distresser.....well that's what's written on it! It is so cool, i have always used my sissors but this is so much easier and does a far better job. Hopefully my sissors will last longer too.
This really is a cool tool and one no one should be without! In my opinion! So what are you waiting for.......... go get one.
Well I said i would make something with these stamps, so I did! I just thought that silver ep would be so pretty on the snowflakes. That was discovered after the white craft ink smeared and made such a mess. LOL

I also have been thinking alot on how to alter be on the look out for altered primas.

Here I dipped it in versa mark then covered it with silver ep and heat set it! It made a beautiful center to the large snowflake.

This is the sketch challenge layout 101. I love this layout ...there is a pocket on the inside of the card for a note, gift card or even cash!
I just think snowflakes are so perfect for right now. It's coming down like crazy here.

This is another version, I can't stop making these. They are so cute! If i could change this I would have embossed the sentiment in silver instead of craft white!

I love the silver and blue together.

This is the last one in this color........:) I used stippling and DTP I also distressed the paper edges. I like this card alot as well. I really wish i could stamp more. It seems i have been so busy with so many things lately. But I need to exercise this creativity , so i think everything else can wait....for now!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's snowing, it's snowing........well not outside! It's snowing in my craft room. After telling you about the gel-a-tins stamps, I went to the site. In a dreamy stamp induced haze I placed an order. Why not they take pay pal and my Dh would want me to have these. Bwhahahaha, while the cat is away, the mice buy stamps.

The order came so quickly, i ordered on Thursday and I have them in my hot little paws today. which is Tuesday by the way and will now be called snowflake day! I also got some gelly powder, it is choclate scented ep. Yummy it smells so good!
I can hardly wait to play in the snow. The nice thing about these stamps is they slide away out of view..............No hunny, I've had those forever. Bwhahahahahahahaha

I do love Yuletide Montage! I am into vintage lately. This card came about because the 4 cards before it had failed.

So i took pieces from those cards and made this. To finish it off I took my stipple brush to it to give it a little color and i think I have a nice card, but not sure i'd make 15 of these so, it's back to work.


It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.....well not really! but I felt after 2 years of not sending cards, I really didn't have a good enough excuse not to do it this year.

My DH said just buy packaged cards! My heart is still palpitating, I mean what would the neighbours think.

So after deciding i absolutely hated all my Christmas stamps, i remembered this set. I bought it a long time ago, back in a time when there was no Canadian Stampin' Up!

It is so simple and pretty that I knew i couldn't mess it up.

I like what i came up with and i am making about 15 of these. So one down , 2 more designs to go. Maybe I'll buy store cards for my family, but I'd never send those to a friend. LOL

This is a simpler version of the card........but i am kind of a glitz girl so i need the sparkly embossing and ribbon.

Monday, November 27, 2006

I thought I would show you what else I do!

When not doing anything else, I also make mohair Teddy Bears. I used to be very active in it. But after i was sick, I kind of found stamping and it was easier to do on a daily basis.

but i still have tons of fur kicking around and the bug has bitten to start creating again. So come the new year there might be some new critters to love. But most likely they will have mohawks, and be riding motorcycles. LOL

To see more check out....... The site needs to be updated but you can see some more cute bears.

Happy Monday, everybody! I am trying to stay positive here....In all the hubbub surrounding school, kids and Christmas........I seem to have misplaced my mojo.

So if it's lurking around out there, like peter Pan's shadow can you kindly send it home?

This is another tin I did....I had to cover it with paper because it was so abused i needed paper to cover the bruises. First was the failed ink attemp, which caused the failed embossing attempt. So out came the paper.

I did find that the Stampin Up ! designer label punch when used 1/2 way will cut out very nicely around the metal tin clasp. (that was a bonus)

I need a gift for a gift exchange later in the month so I will pop some cards into it, and that's one more thing off my list.

I hope i can stamp something worthy of posting today...but all signs point to "that isn't going to happen". LOL

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I was working on this last night as I chatted to my friends on Splitcoast. I think it turned out well. This is my sister's Christmas gift. She is an Alice in Wonderland freak, ummmm I mean fan.

She collects all these Alice things and is involved in The Lewis Carroll Society. Hey, it makes her happy, who am I to judge. She had some old foam stamps and i made her some cards. She wanted more cards made for she is getting Alice cards in an Alice tin.

But I saw these stamps from I knew i had to use them for her creations. They are fabulous unmounted rubber sheets. Now getting the mounting foam was another story. LOL But they are all good to go now.

The tin (a gift from my friend Robyn) was inked first with alcohol inks. I love how this turned out and i got the idea from my friend Kim. It's great to have friends. I used embossing powder on parts, other parts are just stamped. I tied ribbon all around the handle to finish it off.

I am quite happy with it! Check out the website for great rubber images.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

NEW Product ALERT!!!!!

This is just the coolest, within this fab alterable tin lies.......the coolest clear stamps. Now I am a rubber girl myself, but I have been lured to the dark side by these stamps. They come in all sizes........designs and the alphabets. These are just so funky and fresh! Next to primas .......paisley is my weakness. So I was unable to leave these at the store. But there was so many more sets I know I need to have. These are just super. I will upload something made with them later. So next time you are out...look for these. Or head over to their website at

These stamps are made in the USA, but designed and packaged right here in Canada!

I just couldn't resist...........I should never be left alone to long in my own mind. But I mean, snowpeople are just like us ......right?

I just want to state very clearly that I love snowmen. I do not have a crazy vendetta against their kind. I guess i just have a twisted sense of humor. So when the challenge yesterday was to create a humorous card using 2 stamp sets not meant to go together, this is what I came up with.....the sad thing is I have more. :) I love this set...Cold Play cause it is very versatile. I wish i could draw better as my bowling pins are almost shameful, but then again where does a snowman acquire bowling pins anyway?

So enjoy my snowmen cards there will be more. Bwahahahahahahahaahaha

Friday, November 17, 2006

Since we are on the subject of Primas!!!!! Have you seen the awesome new mini cans? Oh my, I nearly had heart failure they are sooooooooooo pretty. I want them all. The colors are amazing and the little chipboard buttons are so cute. Plus what i could do to alter those adorable little tins........well i could if they were empty. :)

I get so excited at even the thought of primas in stock. I just love when i get that call from my LSS. (Hi Ria!) I live about an hour from there but when Primas are involved I have been known to make the drive faster, but I'm not saying how fast.

But check out these great primas!!! I finally figured out how to check my messages, I know but my husband usually does it so i don't have too. lol Anyway I have more Primas waiting at my LSS . Yippee road trip on Monday. I just gotta have my primas.

When is enough, enough? When is less, more? Unfortunately I don't know. LOL I am a prima addict. It is an addiction for which there is no cure........not sure i want one for it anyway. Funny thing too is there is no 12 step program for it yet, either. I guess there is a little bit of Gollum in me as i hide them away in my craft room, never wanting to admit to how many actually fill my space. They are my precious.
I found this cart up in my daughter's bedroom since she wasn't using it.....I took it for my own. It is a great little wheeled cart from Ikea. It has drawers for ribbon and flat primas or should I say faux primas. Not all of my flowers are pure Primas some are just Prima want to be's, but i love them just the same.
Now that I have them.....what to do with them? Other than hoard them away in my craft cave. I do use them, I sometimes even send them to people. But you need to be extremely Prima worthy. Unfortunately I feel the same way about ribbon. I figure once they are gone, they are lost forever and who wants to lose primas? So they will stay on their little trolly til I find a new love. So far nothing has caught this prima lovers eye....yet!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I wanted to share this card with you. The Vsn challenge was to have a little critter popping out of something. What could be better to pop out of then prima's? This little mouse looks quite content to tip toe through the primas.
I had to laugh when i saw a comment from my friend Karen, she asked "if i had hives" I can only asume she meant from using so many on one card.
It was a hard thing to do, but don't worry I was figuring out how i can reclaim them. LOL
I will be adding more of my VSN favs later.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I had a super time at VSN. But sometimes you just need a challenge to set your heart on fire. This was it!!! I had to make a card that looked 90 years old. It needed to have red in it for Rememberance Day.

I totally should title this Ode to Tim Holtz. I used alcohol inks, distress embossing powder and walnut ink.

The primas were white hydrangas until they met walnut ink. The lace was sponged with the walnut ink too! I just love the vintage look and often wonder if i was born in the wrong time period. LOL I will be uploading my favorite VSN cards. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them.

This weekend is one of my favorites.........because it is VSN on Splitcoaststampers. What is VSN? Just the craziest time, you get challenge after challenge and have a whole 45 minutes to complete your work of art!

I am a hostess for one challenge and this is it, altered clipboards. I think these are super fun and easy to create. They make wonderful gifts and can be altered any way you like.

These are gifts i made for friends. I hope they love them cause a whole lot of love went into making them. I can hardly wait to make more......but I am running out of the natural daisy prima's. Hmmmmmm, I think some shopping is coming on.

Monday, November 06, 2006

What could be more fun than a box? A pretty box made from Wild Asparagus paper and tied up with string. Could it contain a wonderful thing? I think it does.............

You open this little box and see vintage reminders of Christmas.

This was way too fun to make. I started off easy using papers only. I can hardly wait to stamp up these little treasures.

I am making one to hold pictures of the kids to give to Boppa. You could stamp sentiments, quotes, love notes tiny memories of Christmas past. Anything your heart desires.

These are wonderful to just sit on a shelf....Until someone wants to be naughty and have an early peek!

I took a photo of this so you could see the glitter bit's. This technique is so pretty and so easy.

I learned this from another demo at regional's.

You need used dryer sheets for this....I knew there was a purpose for those endless loads of laundry!

So gather your supplies.....spray adhesive, I used Elmers. Gold encore pad, used dryer sheet, dazzling diamonds glitter.

Ink up your stamp (tall tree from Lovely as a Tree) stamp on WW cardstock. then stamp it again. Reink and repeat until you have layered them the way you want.

Spray image with spray adhesive and adhere the dryer sheet to it. Sprinkle with dazzling diamonds. Knock off excess glitter and finish card.

I also mounted it on another piece of WW that had golg leafing pen around the edges.

This is a glitteriffic card. Pretty, easy and WOW!

I was so inspired by Karen (aka Gamblemom) that i had to do my own frosty friends card. This was for the technique challenge. But I had already done it last week. LOL
But i changed it up.....I made it pink! Thanks Karen.
I also used Heat and stick powder for the first time. I used it to adhere the dazzling diamonds. I also popped the pink card stock up on pop dots and distressed the edges with my scissors.
I am happy with how this turned out!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

This is another card that can be done using the technique. It looks like snowmen reflected in the ice.
I would have used the blue frost spectrum pad, but i don't have one so i used bordering blue ink. I used the snowflake vellum as well.
I cover snowflake brads in Versa Mark and then dipped them in iridescent ice embossing powder.
Hope you have fun creating your own cards.