Friday, December 08, 2006

What is this? Is it a Pink Pac Man? Noooooooooo, it is my new best friend! (Sorry Jen)
I was in at my LSS and the owner made me buy one. Well... you all know my arm doesn't need a whole lot of twisting. Besides it was only 1.99 so highly affordable.

It is of course an edge distresser.....well that's what's written on it! It is so cool, i have always used my sissors but this is so much easier and does a far better job. Hopefully my sissors will last longer too.
This really is a cool tool and one no one should be without! In my opinion! So what are you waiting for.......... go get one.


Jen said...

Totally cute pink pac man!!! Course at first I thought it was birth control.......LOL

Amanda said...

This is what I have for distressing too -- but mine was only $1 -- darn Canadia . . . lol `

Mad said...

Where can I find one?

Lynne Pattie said...

Hi Lisa,
I am one of Jen's Stamper 10 slaves and want to know what "LSS" means and where can I get a distresser?

Lisa said...

LSS means Local Stamp/Scrap store.
I got mine in New Minus but I could pick them up and send them out to Jen.