Saturday, December 23, 2006

So here are the last of them. I finished last night at 1 am. I did enjoy doing them, but i think I finally got it by the last one.

I love the old anything that can go wrong. LOL Both my Xyron machines ran out of adhesive. I used every piece of sticky strip I could find.

My kids decided my pop up glue dots would look better on the floor. Grrrrrr, a whole brand new package. But I still managed to get the job done.

I think I like this one the best. I used some of my SU papers that have been hanging around for awhile. I am learning to master my Cricut. :) I love the softness of the flourishes on the stripe. (it gave me chills) Sorry , but I guess it was getting late.

I bought that beautiful chocolate brown ribbon at my LSS. It is so pretty. Normally i would never use it, but after all it's Christmas.
This is the last one....for awhile. Again I love my Cricut!!!!! These papers are just so fun and bright. They are Basic gray "Gypsy". I glued the jewels on with glue I got at Walmart........BIG Mistake. The glue is terrible and when I picked up the journal all the crystals popped off.
I should have used crystal effects. Then I would not have had a problem.
I hope you enjoyed my journey into journals. I did have fun making them.....but come New Years, "I will not procrastinate." Yah, right, but I can dream can't I!

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Teresa said...

Fabulous job on the journals, Lisa!!! Love them all!