Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I just love coasters. I just taught a coaster class at a Super Saturday. These are such fun and easy projects. My Cricut Expressions machine really is a huge help. This paper is the cutest, it's by Basic Grey (of course). It's called Figgy Pudding and I had to hoard a whole bunch of it. I am sending this off to my secret sister. But I had to make sure I photographed it first. But I think I will make another one. (for me of course)
I used some pretty wide ribbon, that I got from my ribbon pusher, Texas Jody Lynn. She does awesome ribbon shares and I got this hand delivered when I met her in SLC a little while back.
I love to hoard my ribbon but it made this extra special.
Click on the picture to see it supersized, for detail.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

I think many are wondering if I have forgotten how to stamp? I was kind of wondering myself, but I can and have been stamping. I'll prove it.

I was really happy with how this turned out. I wanted to do a pink and brown card. This one opens to show that the sentiment is on the inside of the card.

I had some problems with cards because everytime I picked a colour scheme, I didn't have enough paper to complete the cards. When did my paper stash get so low? Anyway, i'll make due with what i have.

I need to get my cards finished and in the mail. Among other things, why , oh why do I leave this all to the end?

I really like this card and I am sorry that this set is retiring. It is so cute! Oh well I can still enjoy it. I sewed on this card too. I guess it saves some money on adhesives. This gives you a little peek into what I have been doing. Since I haven't been posting on my blog as much as I like. But I hope to have more to post tomorrow.......I am off to my craft room.
I had to share this....................remember back to the abused cat I rescued that had 6 kittens.

Remember when I said I wasn't keeping any of them. Remember when my friend Jen mocked me saying I'd keep them all. LOL Well, I didn't keep them all.........just 4 of them Moo, Mojo, Floyd and Sweet Pea. Well they seem to love the tree as much as I do, for they sleep in it, jump around in it, and chew on all my pretty girlie ornaments. GRRRRRRRR. Any way I did catch a cute picture of Moo in my tree.

He doesn't look like a shoe nor is he dainty but he kind of looks cute in there.

It's 17 days til Christmas. I just love this time of year. I have had my trees up for awhile now.....since November but I really like to enjoy them. I still have shopping and baking to do , but for the most part I am relaxed. (Sure!)

I love my trees and I thought I would share them with you. I just am not thinking about the time it takes to put everything away.
This tree is in my dining room. The ceilings are 10 ft, so the tree is a 9 foot tree. I have a matching tree in the family room. I love the giant poinsettias I picked up. It's a very serene tree. I have a bunch of butterflies on it. I chose butterflies as a symbol of my recovery from Breast Cancer. So now that my Oncologist has given me the all clear, I love my butterflies even more.

This is a closer view and it is clear that this is a girlie tree. I'm glad my DH is so easy going. But he says he love how much i enjoy the trees. I think he's just glad I'm not buying any more ornaments. Yeah, that's what he thinks. :)