Saturday, December 08, 2007

I had to share this....................remember back to the abused cat I rescued that had 6 kittens.

Remember when I said I wasn't keeping any of them. Remember when my friend Jen mocked me saying I'd keep them all. LOL Well, I didn't keep them all.........just 4 of them Moo, Mojo, Floyd and Sweet Pea. Well they seem to love the tree as much as I do, for they sleep in it, jump around in it, and chew on all my pretty girlie ornaments. GRRRRRRRR. Any way I did catch a cute picture of Moo in my tree.

He doesn't look like a shoe nor is he dainty but he kind of looks cute in there.

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Jen said...

That pic is adorable! And I'm only laughing at you a bit! LOL