Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ok, here is my question. Have you ever bought a set that you would seriously die without, then get it home and want to chuck it in the bin?
I have, I have found my nemesis, it is called carte postale. I seriously had to have this, I was going to make the most wonderful things with it. So far that has not happened.
So I needed to finish my swaps. It is a small local swap, I only had to make 5 cards. This is a whole weekends work. (sad I know) But it is all I could come up with. I love the matching papers but they all have flourishes and things on them which make them hard to make a card with or in this case 5 matching cards.
I do think this card is pretty, but it is also rather plain and simple. I hope it will be a good swap card, but then what is the worst that can banned from swapping?

I would have maybe done more but with VSN closing in and my homework piling up. I need to move on to other things. I will be posting more about VSN so stay tuned.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Is this to hard for a new stamper?

I need to make some cards for a class I am teaching.

They need to be super simple for the first time stamper. I was having a lot of trouble with this, cause I want to put on embellishments and stuff. So are these too easy or too hard?

I want to be able to give first time stamper's a non frustrating class. Most classes people have at least put ink to paper. I always worry, probably too much about whether the cards are good enough. So I guess it is up to the store (where I am teaching) whether or not she likes these.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Brocade blue, Burgandy and Navy, Oh My!

The color challenge this week on SCS was Bravo Burgundy, Night of Navy and Brocade Blue. Confession: I have never used Brocade blue before. I'm not sure why, cause it is a pretty blue. Needless to say the old ink pad was pretty dry. I shall try to use it more.

The other challenge from today was to use backgrounds so I got out the 2 jumbo wheels that match the simply said set by SU!

I seem to be in a paper tearing mood, I think having 5 kids will do that, besides it saves my hair. LOL

I do like how this card turned out, I water colored with the reinker too.

Now I really like how this one turned out. I have not used this set enough. I happened to find it as I was searching for something else. Not sure what I was looking for now. This set replaced it! :)

I stamped print pattern on a brocade blue card, using the same colored ink. Then I wheeled over it in Navy. That navy piece just kind of fell on the card so I went with it. Besides it looked good. So i pierced it and faux sewed it. Slapped some ribbon on it and called it done.

I also love my little ticket punch and don't know what I did with out it.

My mojo came back for a short period today. I am having a harder time with my simple valentines.........I will post that tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Today is Wednesday!!!!! It's actually my favorite day of the week. Mostly because of the sketch challenge on SCS. Today is no exception. I think it is a cute sketch. Maybe not the best card, but a cute sketch, none the less. LOL
I got a ticket corner punch and love it!!! It is much easier than trying to line up the corners with the round punch. I love this color combo for this time of year. It's one of my very fave, color combo's.
After VSN, I think I will come back to this sketch and give it another go round. :)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Well, I have been at it again!

Messing with my water colour's that is!
I made this card using the watercolour resist technique. I stamped the main image using versa mark and then heat embossed in clear ep. I then water coloured using the pale plum and perfect plum crayons. When it was dry I over stamped the flower. Since I didn't use StazOn it didn't stay on. (well not very well) So i misted my water colur paper and using my aquapainter I used perfect plum reinker. I let it spread out around the flower image. I think it kind of looks like tie dye. I then stamped a simple sentiment and used my brand spankin' new ticket corner punch and finished it up with some pretty primas.
For this card, I coloured right on my stamp and then spritzed it with water and stamped it on damp water colour paper. I used ink on the sentiment and stamped it on the wet paper too. It bled a little. When it was dry I over stamped it. I really like how it turned out. Then I mounted it on a torn piece on a lime background. I Love lime and lilac together.
For this card I again stamped the image in versa mark and then used clear ep. I water coloured around the image. Again i stamped the sentiment on the wet paper and then over stamped it when it was dry. I ripped the watercolour paper and then mounted it on a ripped piece of perfect plum. I also used french script and print pattern on this card. I painted reinker along the edges of the print pattern to give it some wow. Added some ribbon and voila! I still don't have a workshop card but I have something to show the hostess!

Monday, January 22, 2007

I've been tagged!

A - Available or Taken: Taken
B - Best Friend: I don't have one.
C -Cake or Pie: cake
D - Drink of Choice: Diet Coke
E - Essential item you use everyday: My PC/stamps
F - Favorite Color: Green
G - Gummy Bears or Worms: bears
H - Hometown: Oakville, Ontario
I-Indulgence: Primas, lots of them!
J - January or February: February . . . my anniversary and 2 kids born in Feb.
K - Kids & Names: 5.....Jenille, Connor, Andrew, Charlotte and Laura
L - Life is incomplete without?: family, friends and stamping.
M - Marriage Date: February 2nd 1991
N - Number of Siblings: 2
O - Oranges or Apples: Apples
P - Phobias or Fears: crowds, drowning
Q - Fave Quote: " A heart that loves is always young" a greek proverb
R - Reason to Smile: My children (usually), being a Breast Cancer Survivor
S - Season: Autumn
T - Tag 3 or 4 People: Andi, Jen, and Caroline
Unknown fact about me: I am really, really shy and hate social situations
V - Vegetable you don't like: brussel sprouts
W - Worst Habit: not picking things up right away.
X-rays: everywhere
Y - Your Fave Food: chocolate, Turkey and stuffing, cream of wheat, oh and cinnamon buns.
Z - Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tonight's topic, why do we love something, that shows us no love in return?

I am talking about my WCW (water colour wonder crayon's). I loved these little colourful gems so much when I bought them. I played with them for awhile, and then in a massive clean up,(it does not happen often) they got put away in a drawer and forgotten. Probably cause I had a nice shiny Cricut to play with.

Well this week on SCS the challenge was to use water colour paper. I had some, also in a drawer waiting to be used. Truth is I am scared of expensive paper, I mean, what if I screw up. It happens far to often for my liking. LOL

My other reason for playing with these items is i have been asked to demonstrate these for a workshop at the end of January.

Apparently, these crayons in an act of mutiny(along with the paper), have overthrown my mojo.
The card above is my favorite of the bunch so far, that's not saying much!

This card started off in the other direction, but it seriously needed something and I had no clue as to what to do for it. But as Jen says you can fix anything with a prima. So I consider it fixed!

What i found out with this card is that, SU Black ink is not waterproof on water colour paper. As soon as I started to colour it in the ink all ran too, making my image muddy. I was able to fix it up so that i was happier with it. I think the Basic Grey Blush paper can cover a multitude of sins. (wink)
For this tag, which really started out in my mind as a pocket card, then mutinied and became a tag. But it is not entirely awful. Again perhaps you can save anything with a prima. Also I used the cricut to cut out a tag in the Basic Grey Blush paper. Every little bit helps, right?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I made this card using the same beautiful paper from BOBunny, that I used in the purse and book below. I used the Heartthrob Stripe and i sanded it in spot's. Mounted it on a piece of Cool Caribbean paper and then onto a red card.
I ran the black gingham through my xyron machine and then used pop dots to adhere the primas to the ribbon.
It was fun to play with my Cricut again tonight, I cut the tag and the pocket with that machine. I love being able to create what you want in the size you want. I have a couple of cartridges that I am putting on my wish list.
This was a quick and simple card, but I think it's cute and fun too! The tag says "You mean the world to me" You have to love Michael's $1.50 stamps.

Monday, January 15, 2007

This is what I worked on over the weekend. It is another UHU project. I glued everything together using the twist and glue.

This is the cutest little purse by 7 Gypsies that I got at the LSS. It has a cute little chipboard accordion book that went with it. I also got a couple of sheets of new paper. It was too cute and I couldn't resist it. I mean really who can resist BOBunny, these papers are called a gift of love~Heartthrob Stripe and Forget Me Knots. They had cute dotted paper on the backs.

Plus the best thing...........matching ribbon. It is so cute!

I was making this as a Birthday Present for a friend. But it turned out so cute, I might just keep it. After all I used a hand painted silk Prima on the purse, That can't go to just anybody!

The pages were so much fun to do. I used my computer to type up sayings using different fonts and I printed them off in acetate and white card stock. I then used them to decorate my book. (well my friends book, maybe)
I used my cricut to cut the pocket and tags, I kept the colour scheme pretty simple. I really hope she likes it . I would like to get my hands on more of these, they are fun and such a cute gift idea. I think I am going to make a Alice in Wonderland one for my sister. :)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I got my free UHU samples in the mail last week. I was so excited and couldn't wait to use them. I am always a skeptical of glue not wrinkling paper and looking smooth after use. Well no more! This is the best glue I have ever used. I was impressed by how well it spread and it adhered paper to chip board, smoothly, cleanly and most of all easily. There was not a wrinkle or crease, it was so smooth. It cured quickly and I must say I am a UHU believer. So do you want to see what I made? LOL
I made this door hanger, using Bazill Chip Board pieces and Blush papers by Basic Grey. I adhered the paper to the chipboard using the twist and glue. It was amazing, but this glue works and it is smooth as glass after it is put together.
I then cut all the letters with my cricut from Bazill papers which match the blush so well. I glued them together as well.
I then added some ribbons, some primas and hung them from a ribbon.
This was a fast and fun project. I can't wait to use and continue to put to the test this glue.
Check out Maria's blog for more great projects.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I love to do cracked glass technique. I hadn't done it in quite awhile so I decided to make a whole bunch of pieces. Then I could use some now and save some for later.
This is a very simple but very beautiful technique. You only need a couple of items, a versa mark pad, ultrathick clear embossing powder or regular you just need to do an extra coat or two, and a heat gun.
You stamp your image on card stock. Then put the whole image in the versa mark. Coat the versa mark with the ep and heat set. Sprinkle on more, heat and repeat til you get 3 coats on. It should be glossy and thick. Now, some people put it in the freezer for a few minutes and then crack it. But I just let it cool on my desk then i crack it. I think i get better cracks that way.
I really love this technique it's fast and fun and gives great looking results.
Do be mindful not to touch the hot ep. It burns really badly. (unfortunaly I know from experience.)

This card is also done with the cracked glass technique. The background is also fun to make. You versa mark your back ground stamp and then stamp on glossy card stock. Cover with clear ep and heat set. Then just sponge colour over top to make the back ground pop. Here I used regal rose and rose red. I also used some pretty ribbon. :)

This was a challenge card from SCS. We needed to use a stamp set that was our least favorite and staples. The back ground for this card was alcohol smoosh technique. I then stamped with black staz on. Again cracked glass technique but before I glazed it, I used glitter chalks to colour it in and give it some sparkle. I was very pleased with the result even though I thought why did I buy this set?

I am also into distressing all my edges. Maybe it's to relieve stress. That's my story and I am sticking to it!

Monday, January 08, 2007

And now for something completely different!!!! It is no secret that I love Harry Potter. If it is the cat's out of the bag now. LOL I love the books, the movies and most of all the character's.
When i found this picture of Snape all I could think was it would be a perfect Valentine. (Everyone has redeeming characteristic's)
Another Cat out of the bag..........I like Snape! I guess it's a naughty little secret, but I still say that he will turn out to be good. ( Again it's good to have a vivid imagination.) My friends tell me that I must have a happy fantasy life. LOL Indeed I do!
But most importantly I learned a new skill, how to add writing to a picture in photoshop. New skills are always good and hopefully useful.
But this is my contribution to Valentines Day! May you all find your perfect match!

These are so fun, and cool to do, that i had to do some more. I love how this rose turned out. I used 2 tones of purple and it is pretty and sparkly . I love the acetate overlay and will probably have to make a few more before I get it out of my system.
I am really hooked on this technique. :)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I should just call todays additions "Ode to Jen". I saw her Chalkboard Technique card and thought hey that's pretty. So here is mine.
This is easy and pretty, it looks much better in real life as i used glitter chalks. (Ohhhhh sparkly)
For this you need black card stock, white craft pad, chalks (I kan'dee pearlescent chalksby Pebbles inc.) dauber and soft brush.
A bold image 2 step stampin set works best for this as you need the outline stamp. It's easy, stamp away on your black card. Then daub the chalk on, carefully brush away excess. Stamp the outline stamp on top and you are done.
I then used a clear over lay, with finest flourishes and cherish stamps. I used clear ep to set the white craft ink. I then attached everything using brads. I used my fave colour combo of rose red and regal rose to mat the chalked image.
Thanks Jen for inspiring me.
Special thanks to Dorinda, who made my water mark for me. I love it and hope to be able to use it in a quicker fashion soon. I can dream can't I?
I was just playing around today. I was at my friend Jen's blog and saw the amazing black and white card that she made. I decided to let that be my inspiration. Well this card is not at all what I had planned when I started out. I had a whole different stamp set picked out and everything. I even had my wild rose images stamped and cut out. But it was not to be.........but I did use those images for something else so it will be posted later.
I used the paisley background with craft white then i embossed it with clear ep. I couldn't get my original images to work with it so.....I started tearing some strips to break up the background. (I like it) But apparently the roses weren't thrilled with the new developments. So I found a stamp that is nice and placid by nature. (Apparently more than Jen's color scheme has rubbed off on me)
I adore this stamp set and couldn't part with it when it retired. It's an old standard for me, it's there to lean on when the mojo is out taking a stroll.
Added the ribbon, who doesn't love dots? Placed the image underneath and called it finished.

I need to find a way to get more than one card done in a sitting. Maybe if I chatted less on SCS, Nah that isn't going to happen. LOL

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Well this is one of the first cards from the New Year. I am so happy with how this turned out...but it took a whole lot of time in coming. I fussed over every detail and just as I was about to give up. It all fell in place. Thankfully.
The stamp is called Paisley Flower by Posh Impressions. I fell in love with and had to have it. I am mad for paisley , it's actually a secret obsession. Well, perhaps not secret any longer.
The technique is what I am excited about and I know some of you love your alcohol inks as much as I do. (Come on Karen admit it!) I can sit and play all day and just make back grounds to go into the pile.
Well this is more funner (yes that's a word) It's an alcohol swoosh technique.......cause it is more a swoosh action then a smoosh action. LOL
You need a nonstick craft mat, alcohol inks and your blending solution. Oh yes and beautiful glossy card stock. I love glossy card stock. :)
You drop out onto the mat a couple of drops of alcohol ink, I found out quickly that 2 colours work best or you get mud. (Not pretty) Add your blending solution and then swoosh your card stock through it. Glossy side down. Don't ask! LOL
This gives you a beautiful, quick drying back ground or accent piece. I love this technique and wait to hit the alcohol inks again.
I encourage you to try'll like it!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!!! Wow, I cannot believe that it is 2007 already. I thought i would have my first post of the year, spotlight some of my talented friends. I am going to show you a few of the stunning cards I received this week. :)

This first one is by my friend Joan. It is so stunning in real life. It is sparkly and beautiful. I am in awe of her stamping talent and grateful for such a fun friend.

This Fabulous card is from my equally fabulous friend Ally! I just love the cards that Ally creates. She is an awesome designer and friend. My life isn't the same since I met her. Nor is my vocabulary! Thanks so much for the awesome card. (Did I mention she's Welsh?) :)

This is an amazing cracked glass card from Karen. She is a pro at this technique and it shows. I love everything about this card. It is perfect from start to finish. Karen too, is an awesome designer and friend.

As we start off this New Year, I am so thankful for my blessings. My biggest blessings are my family, followed by all my wonderful friends. Many who are amazing and talented stampers, from them i get wonderful friendship but also loads of encouragement and inspiration.

Happy New Year to my Fabulous friends, all those new and old. Looking forward to an exciting stamping year!!!