Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tonight's topic, why do we love something, that shows us no love in return?

I am talking about my WCW (water colour wonder crayon's). I loved these little colourful gems so much when I bought them. I played with them for awhile, and then in a massive clean up,(it does not happen often) they got put away in a drawer and forgotten. Probably cause I had a nice shiny Cricut to play with.

Well this week on SCS the challenge was to use water colour paper. I had some, also in a drawer waiting to be used. Truth is I am scared of expensive paper, I mean, what if I screw up. It happens far to often for my liking. LOL

My other reason for playing with these items is i have been asked to demonstrate these for a workshop at the end of January.

Apparently, these crayons in an act of mutiny(along with the paper), have overthrown my mojo.
The card above is my favorite of the bunch so far, that's not saying much!

This card started off in the other direction, but it seriously needed something and I had no clue as to what to do for it. But as Jen says you can fix anything with a prima. So I consider it fixed!

What i found out with this card is that, SU Black ink is not waterproof on water colour paper. As soon as I started to colour it in the ink all ran too, making my image muddy. I was able to fix it up so that i was happier with it. I think the Basic Grey Blush paper can cover a multitude of sins. (wink)
For this tag, which really started out in my mind as a pocket card, then mutinied and became a tag. But it is not entirely awful. Again perhaps you can save anything with a prima. Also I used the cricut to cut out a tag in the Basic Grey Blush paper. Every little bit helps, right?


Teresa said...

I think you did a beautiful job, Lisa! The first dragonfly is my favorite! ;)

Amanda said...

I think they worked just fine for you silly billy!!!!!!

TAG! You're it!

Jen said...

They're lovely Lisa!! And you CAN fix anything with a prima!! LOL

Kristin said...

They turned out great, lisa! If you want any tips on how else to use your wc crayons email me...I'd be glad to help. However, I think what you've shown will thrill your workshop attendees!!

Kimberly said...

I think they are lovely! I get scared to use the WCpaper too!

Cyndi said...

Lisa you did a great job on these!

Alli said...

Fabulous, honey, as always! And you've been tagged!

Dorinda said...

ok They are all seriously GORGEOUS!! I am really liking the so very speaks to me