Saturday, January 06, 2007

Well this is one of the first cards from the New Year. I am so happy with how this turned out...but it took a whole lot of time in coming. I fussed over every detail and just as I was about to give up. It all fell in place. Thankfully.
The stamp is called Paisley Flower by Posh Impressions. I fell in love with and had to have it. I am mad for paisley , it's actually a secret obsession. Well, perhaps not secret any longer.
The technique is what I am excited about and I know some of you love your alcohol inks as much as I do. (Come on Karen admit it!) I can sit and play all day and just make back grounds to go into the pile.
Well this is more funner (yes that's a word) It's an alcohol swoosh technique.......cause it is more a swoosh action then a smoosh action. LOL
You need a nonstick craft mat, alcohol inks and your blending solution. Oh yes and beautiful glossy card stock. I love glossy card stock. :)
You drop out onto the mat a couple of drops of alcohol ink, I found out quickly that 2 colours work best or you get mud. (Not pretty) Add your blending solution and then swoosh your card stock through it. Glossy side down. Don't ask! LOL
This gives you a beautiful, quick drying back ground or accent piece. I love this technique and wait to hit the alcohol inks again.
I encourage you to try'll like it!


Karen said...

ohhhhh pretty! Me likey!

Karen said...

ohhh I forgot to add.........I am an alcohol ink/glossy paper junky. I will admit it any day! Just come over and look on my desk where many sheets that haven't been finished just sit waiting to be made into something!

Jen said...

Love this!!!!

Dorinda said...

sa this is absolutly gorgeous!

Kristin said...

Wow, cool technique!! I'll have to remember that one. You sure got a striking card when using it!!

Alli said...

This is awesome!!!!!!