Monday, April 30, 2007

Since it's spring, and spring means flowers.......I want to share my favorite flower with you............Lily!

Such a sweet flowers she is.....when I was back to Ontario to see my Dad, i got to spend time with my great neice Lily. What a doll. The kid never sits still, well unless cake is involved. But I did manage to capture a few adorable pictures of her.

This was done using coasters, and the amazing new papers called Tres Joilie, they also have amazing little sticky trims. Makes doing these coaster frames a breeze. I used close to cocoa craft ink to do the edges and of course primas. (Lily is extremely Prima worthy)

In fact I love the papers and her so much I did two coaster frames, ( Did I mention I have coasters? Only 2500 of them.) I feel a coaster share coming on.....LOL

I just love these papers and trims, they also have buttons..............I am seriously a hoarder who may in fact need professional help. Nah just joking.

I am scraping some pictures of Lily so i'm sure they will pop up again soon. I love them when you can spoil them and send them back. :)

Friday, April 27, 2007

And the winners are........drum roll please.
and from the comments section
Gina wrona

Please send me your snail mail address and I will get a prize out to you. ( I did 3 winners to keep the peace, all the kids wanted to pick a winner.) The prizes will be the same items, the stamp and ribbon will be different for each prize. I hope you enjoy your candy!

Thanks so much for playing in my blog candy contest. I am pleased to say my blog has had it's 10,000 hit so there will be more candy soon. :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's finally here......................the moment you have all been waiting for! It's time for some crackalackin' Blog Candy.

It's easy to play , and fun to win! ( You know you want it!) You can also get 2 chances to win, if you are already signed up to my blog I will draw one winner from that list. I know who you are!

I will also draw one name from , my blog comments. So even if you subscribe you can leave a comment and double your chances at winning this.......................................................... All you need to do is tell me your favorite quote, simple right? Include who the quote is by, if your quote inspires me to use it on a card, you'll get a surprise too! So it's fun, fun, fun. The contest will run from today til April 27th. ( that's next Friday)

So let's get quoting!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Someday's it's just a good mail day!!!!!! I had a great mail day, something other than bills or bad news.
I got my new ribbon from Jody's Ribbon Share. If you don't know about it, check it out! (There is more to life than's called ribbon!)

I got beautiful polka dotted ribbons, the colours are so yummy! The May Arts ribbons are wonderful too! I already had a small sample of these beautiful ribbons now I have more. :) ( The velvet is particularly beautiful)

Isn't it sweet of Jody to share like this! Now where to store it. Jody is a wonderfully gifted artist and a world class Enabler. ( But that is what makes her so much fun!)

I also got an amzing package from my friend Alli! It really cheered me up. I love sending things off in the mail, but it is really fun to get something back. Thanks so much Alli you really made my day!

I just love this pocket card, I mean how cute is that? I can't wait to play with my foam stamps she sent, as well as the chocolate box. The chocolates are gone but the box is so pretty and I am going to use it as card inspiration. Look for that later this week!

Hope it is another good mail day today!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Well, some of you might have been wondering what I was doing, and where I was off too? Even if you weren't i am going to tell you now. We were off to our adventure in the big city. Yes, us rural country folk, don't get up the big city too often. We went ot Toronto, Ontario for The one of a Kind Show. Wow, I have never seen so many people in one place, and everybody was dressed so well. Hmmm except poor little country me. But I soon caught on and with a little makeup and a funky new hair style, I could almost pass for one of them. LOL

My DH makes Native American style flutes. They are beautiful handcrafted, concert tuned flutes. ( I'm not just saying that, they really are) We had a wonderful responce to the flutes and I got a little time to roam and see what other venders had to offer. Everything in the show has to be made by the vender so we got to see some awesome things. ( I am going to share a few of my faves over the next couple of days.) It was really cool to meet others from Nova Scotia as well. We really met some cool people.The One of a Kind Show also does a Christmas show which runs from November 22 to Dec 2nd. So we are getting geared up to do that too! The flutes seem to to be a popular item.
We dropped by Mike's old school as well. Appleby College is where he spent his high school years. When he found out they were tearing down the old dining room to make room for a newer one. He asked if he could get some wood to make flutes for the school as a fund raiser. We brought home with us a way cool chunk of oak table to make the flutes from. We can get more in the summer when we go back. It was a very cool trip. But I must admit with show hours and trying to peek in at some stamp stores.......we are pretty tired. But home again. :)
Happy Easter! I hope everybody has had a great weekend with family and friends. We are just spending a quiet weekend with the kids. They missed us while we were gone. (Who'd have guessed that?) Now we just have a group of clingons. LOL

This card is done using my favorite technique. I never get tired of this one. I find it fun. This was also a challenge for VSN. I didn't play last time, i was trying to get ready to leave and wrangling the kids at the same time. Not an easy task, I might add.
I used glossy card stock and ep'd the images with clear. Then I just sponged the colour overtop. Simple and pretty. The little bunny stamp is so cute......he is holding a flower so I just popped a little prima on the end of the stem. These primas are so cute they come in a little flat tin, they only have a couple of flowers in them but they only cost a couple of bucks and, well, they are Primas after all!

Friday, April 06, 2007

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!
Look for blog candy, and a coaster share.........coming soon.
Happy Easter!