Monday, April 30, 2007

Since it's spring, and spring means flowers.......I want to share my favorite flower with you............Lily!

Such a sweet flowers she is.....when I was back to Ontario to see my Dad, i got to spend time with my great neice Lily. What a doll. The kid never sits still, well unless cake is involved. But I did manage to capture a few adorable pictures of her.

This was done using coasters, and the amazing new papers called Tres Joilie, they also have amazing little sticky trims. Makes doing these coaster frames a breeze. I used close to cocoa craft ink to do the edges and of course primas. (Lily is extremely Prima worthy)

In fact I love the papers and her so much I did two coaster frames, ( Did I mention I have coasters? Only 2500 of them.) I feel a coaster share coming on.....LOL

I just love these papers and trims, they also have buttons..............I am seriously a hoarder who may in fact need professional help. Nah just joking.

I am scraping some pictures of Lily so i'm sure they will pop up again soon. I love them when you can spoil them and send them back. :)


Gina Wrona said...

Awesome layouts & of course, lily!

Aunt T said...

Our adorable . . .both the projects and the pictures :)