Sunday, April 08, 2007

Well, some of you might have been wondering what I was doing, and where I was off too? Even if you weren't i am going to tell you now. We were off to our adventure in the big city. Yes, us rural country folk, don't get up the big city too often. We went ot Toronto, Ontario for The one of a Kind Show. Wow, I have never seen so many people in one place, and everybody was dressed so well. Hmmm except poor little country me. But I soon caught on and with a little makeup and a funky new hair style, I could almost pass for one of them. LOL

My DH makes Native American style flutes. They are beautiful handcrafted, concert tuned flutes. ( I'm not just saying that, they really are) We had a wonderful responce to the flutes and I got a little time to roam and see what other venders had to offer. Everything in the show has to be made by the vender so we got to see some awesome things. ( I am going to share a few of my faves over the next couple of days.) It was really cool to meet others from Nova Scotia as well. We really met some cool people.The One of a Kind Show also does a Christmas show which runs from November 22 to Dec 2nd. So we are getting geared up to do that too! The flutes seem to to be a popular item.
We dropped by Mike's old school as well. Appleby College is where he spent his high school years. When he found out they were tearing down the old dining room to make room for a newer one. He asked if he could get some wood to make flutes for the school as a fund raiser. We brought home with us a way cool chunk of oak table to make the flutes from. We can get more in the summer when we go back. It was a very cool trip. But I must admit with show hours and trying to peek in at some stamp stores.......we are pretty tired. But home again. :)


Jen said...

Glad you're home honey! The booth looks awesome!!!! Can't wait to see your awesome new hair style!!!!

Love ya sweetie!!!!

Caroline said...

hey, naughty girl, I wish I had know you were in town!! boohooohoooooooooo