Thursday, December 28, 2006

I spent all day yesterday, playing around and making these little books. It was not as easy as you would think. Written directions and i don't always mix. LOL I flubbed the first one, it will be used for showing the kit. I will finish the inside first. :)

I then made one from copy paper to hone my technique. I t made me feel better that even DH couldn't make out the directions. I fiddled with it until I could make sense of it and voila, I achieved a cute little book.

This is the inside of the book. It looks pretty on the inside too! I used stickers from the kit and Rhonna Farrer, Flourishes stamps by Autumn Leaves. The big squares are for journaling or pictures. Once you have it, these are fun and easy!

This one is just pretty on the outside. LOL But once i have time to complete it, it will shine too!


Teresa said...

These are just too cute! Love how you stamped the flourishes on the stripey paper!

Caroline said...

I love it Lisa, wow! :)