Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.....well not really! but I felt after 2 years of not sending cards, I really didn't have a good enough excuse not to do it this year.

My DH said just buy packaged cards! My heart is still palpitating, I mean what would the neighbours think.

So after deciding i absolutely hated all my Christmas stamps, i remembered this set. I bought it a long time ago, back in a time when there was no Canadian Stampin' Up!

It is so simple and pretty that I knew i couldn't mess it up.

I like what i came up with and i am making about 15 of these. So one down , 2 more designs to go. Maybe I'll buy store cards for my family, but I'd never send those to a friend. LOL

This is a simpler version of the card........but i am kind of a glitz girl so i need the sparkly embossing and ribbon.

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