Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I love Halloween! It is such a fun time of the year. I don't know what i love most....the costumes, the candy or is it the chill in the air?

Since Halloween is my DH's Birthday we like to make it a festive day. He does what he loves to do, which is carve the pumpkins. We all love the results.
The trick or treaters love them too!
My sweet guy is ever mindful of me, and carved me a Pumpkin with both Mad-Eye Moody and Sirius Black. Yes, my confession today is that I am a serious Harry Potter Geek! I may even give you a peek at my collection sometime. LOL But only after Dobby dusts the place first.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!


Teresa said...

Seriously awesome pumpkins, Lisa!!! DH does amazin' work!!!

Jen said...

These are so awesome Lisa!