Friday, September 22, 2006

This is my little Oswald. No your eye's are not playing tricks on you, he has extremely short legs and only weighs 3 lbs.

He is a Munchkin. When i saw him in the pet store i knew i had to have him! As well as his sister, sweet Molly.

My Dh could not refuse, I was going through treatments for Breast Cancer at the time. He bought them as comfort for me.

He is such a special little guy, he talks to me....not in the I hear voices sence. LOL Oswald was hit by a car and was missing for about a week, he made it home dragging himself just before the first big snow of the season. He had a dislocated hip, the vet was laughing cause his anatomy is all messed up. He had to wear a cast for 6 weeks he was extremely put out. He doesn't go near the road anymore. His sister was not so lucky and we lost her to the road. But I do have 2 of her babies, one is munchkin one is not.

I am a cat person, my DH is a dog person and I can give you 100 reasons why cat people and dog people shouldn't marry!

Thanks for letting me share my furry friends!


Anonymous said...

Now he's a cutie Lisa!

Anonymous said...

My kids love your cat!!

Amy said...

oh lisa....i want your kitty cat! He is so sweet.