Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hello all! I am just doing a quick update, I am sad to tell you that we are still up in Halifax at the Hospital. I am not sure for how much longer, tomorrow at the earliest.

Laura was in surgery for just a short time, and came out of recovery quicker than she ever has. But she has had an enormous amount of pain. Last night was my second night without sleep and I am close to the edge of crying at any moment. (I need my sleep)

We always go home the next day and she is usually back to school by this time. It seems the tylenol isn't cutting the pain and she can't go home on Morphine. She also needs to be eating but pain makes you not want to do much.

So Stacy I will get to those samples, as soon as I get home. Now I wish I did pack my stamping stuff. But I have been working on digital scrapping so all is not lost.
I'll update soon.

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