Thursday, July 01, 2010

It's here at last...... the new IB&C!!!!! It is bigger, more beautiful and betterer (yes that's a word) than any catalogue before it. I have had rave reviews from those who have already witnessed it's beauty. The biggest complaint was that the wish lists weren't big enough!
Here is my 10 Must Have List
  1. 120531 The Nicest Things 17.95 page 71
  2. 119874 Decore wheel 7.95 page 133
  3. 117132 Teahouse BG 21.95 page 141
  4. 117163 Elegant Soiree DSP 12.50 page 175
  5. 117273 Antique Brads 7.50 page 187
  6. 119246 Paper Daisies 8.50 page 188
  7. 118074 Owl Punch 23.95 page 200
  8. 119246 Basic Rhinestones 6.50 page 188
  9. 117167 Love Letter DSP 12.50 page173
  10. 120561 Notably Ornate 21.95 page 125

These products are in no particular order and there are so many more cool items I could go on for days. But these will be among the first things I order. I can't wait to get my hands on that owl. He is so stinkin'cute!

So enjoy your Canada Day and enjoy the new catalogue.......happy reading til we meet again.

P.S. Don't have a catalogue yet? Just click on the catalogue in the side bar it will take you to a pdf of it. Enjoy!

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