Friday, June 15, 2007

Enough already with the cold. Somebody should tell the weather that it is the middle of June. I took Laura on a field trip yesterday and it was so cold, I am talking mitten cold. LOL What was the first thing they did with the kids? The pool of course.

Here were our 8, little grades ones in the pool, turning blue and teeth chattering but having a great time. (Laura could only dip in her legs as we don't have the Doctor's ok to get her back wet)

We went to Yogi Bear's camp ground. They had a great little program for us to do, except it was a bit too much for Laura. (Being only a week post op) We came home early but we still had fun.

This is Laura and I together, a kindly stranger offered to take our picture. :)

Laura's favorite part was the swings. I had to laugh she was so cold, one of the other Mom's got a blanket for her. I don't think she was too warm for quite awhile.

She also enjoyed this play structure, it was good, cause she could still play with the others, but sit quietly as well. Yesterday was a long day for her, but she had fun!


Teresa said...

Cute pics, Lisa! Looks like Laura had alot of fun!!!

Jen said...

How cute!!!

Amanda Sewell said...

Lisa, that is a great picture of the two of you together and just for the record -- YOU LOOK GREAT! *grins*

Cyndi said...

Lisa you two look great!

Glad that Laura was able to go and have a bit of fun with the others!

Jan Scholl said...

I have a photo of myslef somewhere next to Yogi and I am about 7 months pregnant with my own little red heade about 33 years ago. Funny how Yogi never changes. Where was Boo Boo?