Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I decided that tonight would be a good night to play a little with my cricut and some vinyl. I got 2 new font cartridges and I wanted to try them out a little. One is Storybook the other is Calligraphy collection. I used brown vinyl and some black as well. I will replace the black with brown when I get more. Some little monkey took out the blade assembly and put it in back I thought I was cutting on 6 but it was really set to 1. So I ruined one whole piece of vinyl. :( I got it figured out anyway.
Stampin' Up ! has chosen these 3 words as a statement about the company. I think they are wonderful words about what I Love to do. This wall is over my computer desk.
I used the Decor elements flourish set and the always bird. I love that bird. LOL
I have a couple of other things to add to the wall and then it will be truly finished. But I am really liking how it turned out. I can't wait for phase 3 of Decore Elements, I have one chosen for my living room already. But I will need DH to paint first. Can't wait to be able stamp tomorrow, I have been doing some cool techniques, I am excited to share them with you!!!


Jen said...

Lovely Lisa! Aren't they the funnest??? I have a bunch waiting for some walls to get painted, then they will go up. So sometime before the Millennium is the goal....

Laura said...

how great are those!!