Monday, May 04, 2009

My scrap table is covered with 1/2 finished layouts. It seems there are not enough hours in a day. I've thought about giving up on sleep but......... that doesn't work well either.

So I thought : Why do we scrapbook? What is it that drives us to preserve these memories?


So here is my tip of the day:

While you are thinking about connections to those around you that you love, consider thinking about the world population as well. Think about the causes or charities that are important to you and that you support. They say alot about who you are, which makes them GREAT TOPICS for your scrapbook pages.

Let's scrap into spring and share this hobby with anyone who will listen. LOL I'll be posting tips and other stuff all month and look for blog candy coming up after my trip. :)

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Geeekygirl said...

What a great idea - it was be a cute LO if you scrapped about your family volunteering for a day.