Wednesday, October 29, 2008

There's NEW TOOL in TOWN (well new to me) it's called the Big Shot by Sizzix. It's been tested, Tried and been found Guilty of being awesome!! I love this machine so much that it has displaced the little green machine from my heart.

Now it is bigger, it weighs about 8 lbs, but it's not to big to carry around. Plus it has a cute doctor's style bag it can be packed up in. I like it because the crank is super easy to turn. You can crank it both ways through the machine. It is super sturdy, no more holding a machine down and cranking at the same time. It is also compatible with other makes of dies. (So I still get to use all those great embossing folders and dies) You can also with some dies cut multiples!
I just love the pillow box and the exclusive Stampin' Up! Basket die.

NOW for 50 more reasons These are all the great materials you can cut

Brass (.055)
Light weight steel
Aluminum (.016)
Tin (.008)
Aircraft plywood (1/64")
Basswood (1/16")
Balsa (3/32")
Mat board (adhesive or none)
Foam with chipboard (.1)
Corrugated pad
Adhesive-backed cork
Fine sandpaper (.00)
Extra thick template plastic
Template plastic
Plastic canvas (7 mesh)
Bubble wrap
Sheet foam
Friendly (jewelry) plastic
100% pure beeswax (cut with parchment paper on top & bottom of beeswax)
Adhesive and non-adhesive rubber
Static cling vinyl
Warm & natural batting
Fusible fleece
Quilt batting
Adhesive and non-adhesive flexible magnet
Heat n' shrink plastic
Adhesive and non-adhesive felt
Pop-up sponge
Shiny self-adhesive and non-adhesive paper
Iron-on fabric
Poly foam adhesive and non adhesive
3-D illusionary plastic
Glow in the dark adhesive and non adhesive
Suede paper
Funky fur
Personal Embossing Plastic (PEP)
Shaggy plush felt
Vinyl flooring
Shelf lining
Embossing rubber
Thin leather
Gasket material

Wow that's a lot of stuff to cut out. This is one amazing machine, all the creative possibilities. Let me see what can I cut next?

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