Friday, February 05, 2010

Hello and Happy Friday. I am sorry for the lack of posts this week, but I have a good excuse really I do. It was our Anniversary this week and my DH wisked me away to the city for some much needed relaxation and just plain doing nothing.
I did get to hit a couple of cool stores and my DH gifted me with a really cool Lensbaby "muse" lens for my camera. I haven't used it yet as it is just too cold to go outside.

It is harder than I thought to try and blog everyday, so I have decided the days will remain the same layout of idea's but I will pick and choose the days I post. Some week's will be more and some will be less.

My DH and I are in the middle of a big paint and reno. It's been needed for along time. I can't wait. Also I will be moving to a cool new scrap room. Again can't wait it will be all I have dreamed of.

I looking forward to continue to provide tips and ideas, as well as in the near future Video's. I am so excited about that one. So please continue to drop by and see what I am up too and hopefully help you along with your creative endevers.

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