Friday, February 12, 2010

Never have truer words been spoken. There has been a lot of stuff that I have wanted for awhile. But times and budgets being what they are, I put a lot of it on a wish list. But my dear Father sent me a gift and after some bills and some home repairs, I had a little left to splurge on ME!

What fun it was to be able to unpack the boxes. I was so excited to get 3 sizzix alphabets for cutting chipboard. I am always in need of chipboard letters. Now I can have them any time I like.

so here is a close up of all the goodies one more time. I know you want to see them because you are so Happy for me. I know that I can't let this spoil me as this is a once in a lifetime thing. But I can bask in the glory of my beautiful new toys!!!!
Now I guess I need to go and stamp something.......

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Stampin_melissa said...

Ooohhh, Lisa, this looks just beyond delightful and positivly yummy!!