Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I have completed the decore element in the dining room. I didn't video it as it was a 2 person job and really needed the whole attention focused on it. I will video putting up a smaller element but I did take pictures of the process. With this particular one it needed to have the Believe centered and put on and then 14 other pieces lined up and applied. It took us a couple of hours but boy I think it is worth it. I live in a 200 year old house with plaster walls.The walls were rough and uneven where I wanted to place it. So we decided to paint a board and applied it to that. (that way if we move, I can take it with me)

This is showing the placement of one of the pieces. It is then burnished with a scraper tool and the paper is pulled off to show the vinyl underneath. It is actually pretty easy to do. It just requires time and some practice.

I really enjoyed doing it and the effort is well worth it. I wanted a cool focal point for the dining room and I got it!

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tammytupper said...

Lisa this is amazing. Can you help me make one?