Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm back home, from what should have been a restful camping trip. "Right" We went to Kejimkujik Park for 3 nights of group camping. It is truly beautiful there. The first night it rained and the wind howled, I never realized trees could make so much noise. LOL No one in our area slept.

Then the next night porcupines, loons and the masked bandits made sleep elusive again. The final night a group coming in at midnight (yes, midnight) with at least 10 kids who screamed and ran around until 2:30 mean that I am very sleep deprived.......but all in all we had a wonderful time.

We enjoyed spectacular sunsets from our private beach and even a rainbow. I took some great shots and I am actually really excited about scrapping them. Hope to show a few pages soon.


lorrietori said...

The picture is awesome, how beautiful! Don't you hate it when other people are very inconciderate of others? We went whitewater rafting and camped the night before. Well, at 5:30 am, some yahoo decided to fire up a generator and cook bacon! and talk as loud as possible! We did have fun rafting though, so the trip was worh it. Can't wait to see your scrapbook pages!

Jen said...

Fabulous picture! Sorry you didn't get any sleep. I'm mean, I'd have gotten up at 6:30am, gotten my kids up, and told them to run around screaming as loud as they could right beside the rude people's camp! Well, I'd have thought about doing it really loudly anyway..........LOL

MezzoKat said...

Can't wait to see the pages!