Friday, February 09, 2007

It's small and it's green...... and I am totally smitten with it!
You betcha, I succumbed to Cuttlebugitis. If there is a cure , I sure don't want it. I do think I was somewhat delirious when I bought it......and downright giddy with delight! I bought my Christmas present, my DH and i didn't exchange gifts at Christmas. So we bought our gifts this week. He got a hopped up, super powered Dremel and I got a delightful bug.

The only problem was.......the only store's that had Cuttlebug stuff were pretty much picked over. So I only got the Happy Birthday embossing folder and the flower dies. I have other stuff on order but I will play with what I got. I am soooooooo excited. Here is my first card using my bug.

I also used my Cricut for this card. I cut the cupcake from chocolate Bazzill paper, the wrapper is Basic Grey Blush paper and the icing is Pretty in Pink. I dipped the icing in versamark then covered it with stardust ep. I topped it off with a prima what can be more Happy than that?

I can't wait til I have more folders but I am thrilled so far......maybe it's just the romance of February, but I don't think this love affair will end. :) (Don't tell my DH, it's a secret!)


Alli said...

Ha! Ha! You cracked! I knew you would! You're worse than me! Love the card, can't wait to see what else you do with it. How could you not love the bug? Have fun with it!

stampin_melissa said...

Welcome to the "Bug" club!

I bought my folders at They have great customer service, a reward program and excellent shipping costs. It looks like they ship reasonably to Canada too.

Just a thought so you wouldn't hafta' wait. (Okay, so WE don't have to wait so long to see what great creations you come up with!) :D

Dorinda said...

WooHoo!! I love my Bug and I know you will Love yours too.
Melissa gave you a good site for bug buys....
try too but I have bought a lot of stuff from good deals there

Jen said...

I'm jealous!!!! Congrats on your bug Lisa!!! I know you will make many fabulous things with it!!