Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Well, it was a crazy, VSN weekend. Due to the number of entries, I think it was a great success!
Winners are announced tonight at 9 eastern time. I know my kids are waiting to see if they won any of the kids challenges. Only time will tell now!

This was done for my friend, Jen's challenge. It was encaustic art. (Her blog is too the side bar, let me warn you now...she's crazy) Now, it seems I had a problem with following directions on the weekend and was a victim of i really didn't do this right. but I am happy with the results.
Jen is excellent at using melted wax and the tip of an iron to make these fantastic scene's. Well she thinks that she is short when it comes to patience. That was too much for me, so i just melted and smooshed. I like melting things. I think the Crayola's shake a little when I walk by. :)
So i may not have done it right. But I love what i did!

I am really wanting to do this technique again soon.

It's no secret that I am a Harry Potter Fan. My sorting hat can tell you that! I jumped at the chance to use these stamps to do my friend Sharon's challenge.(Sharon's blog is on the side too, but she is sane!) It was make a magic themed or magical card. This was so much fun! I used a simple color scheme and glitter. I was really pleased with how this one turned out! Remember Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is out July 21st/07.

This last card...the challenge was to make chipboard buttons. I covered mine in Basic Grey's Blush paper. I love these papers. The card just makes me feel happy. I need to get me some more or the organza ribbon though.

I had an amazing time with VSN. Being a coordinator was the best especially when you have a great team to work with. I can't wait for the next VSN and hope that I can be a hostess this time around!


Jen said...

Are you making aspersions as to my sanity???? Cause it's true you know...LOL!!!

I seriously love the Encaustic cards you made--super pretty and lots of color and texture!!! And as usual the rest of your VSN cards rocked the house!!!!

Alli said...

You did a wonderful job as coordinator, I am very proud! YOu go girlie! Thank you, it was a blast!

stampin_melissa said...

Your cards look awesome! You did a fantastic job!

Caroline said...

oh wow, totally awesome Lisa!! Love them all :)

Lisa Bohler said...

Lisa! I love how you did these backgrounds with the encaustic. Would you be willing to share how you did them? Thanks!


Amanda said...

WOWZA! I love love love the card you did for Jen's challenge! BEAUTIFUL! Also, I need some of that sheer white with white dots ribbon . . . I have been looking but it is hiding really well from me! Keep up the awesome bloggin'