Friday, February 16, 2007

I got some good mail today! I got some beautiful swaps in the mail . I apologise to those of you that got my card. I am blown away by the talent of the artists, of the cards I received in return.

I have been hanging around a new site,

I like it cause there are a lot of Nova Scotians on it and it is a nice small site. With a ton of talent , I might add. So i decided to do a swap, 5 for 5. The theme was Love, not necessarily Valentines Day.
This is a card by Kim. I adore the style and the sentiment. This is just so pretty!

I love the colours and patterns of this card by Beth. So sweet!

This one is so pretty....By Diane. The heart is on really shiny gold paper. It just sets it off beautifully. ( I feel so blessed)

This is just stunning too. Not only the image but the glitter bits and the silver wire. Very lovely. This card is by Bonnie.

This card is just so sweet.....if I didn't love Bella already, I would now. I really like this card, I love the edges and the glitter. A very cute and girly Love card.
This card is by, Carol.
Thanks so much to all who participated in this swap and to Kim for hosting it.
I also won a contest on Kim's Blog and in my package were some Primas and 2 very pretty rubber stamps. Which I will be using tonight. :)


Kim said...

Lisa, I am so glad you received your cards already, I was really happy with all the cards in this swap, it was hard to only take 5! lol And happy you like your stamps and primas too! lol...I totally forgot to scan my card, would you mind terribly emailing me a scan so I can post it?
Thank you!!!!

Kim said...

Omgosh! I forgot to say something here! Lisa, your card is gorgeous!!! You have nothing to apologize for at all! I was so happy that you joined and hope you keep joining our swaps!!! :)

Amanda said...

OMGosh! I love that bella card! Totally caseing the layout fer shure!!!! *grins*

iralamija said...

you make Beautiful work!


Alli said...

Lisa they are gorgeous, but I have to say that the Bella is my favorite, but that's not very surprising is it? lol! :)

Jen said...

What wonderful cards!!!