Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tonight was VSN on splitcoast! I am a coordinator so I really can't take part.....mostly due to time. Tonight the time was taken up, helping my 3 youngest make and upload cards. The card above is by Charlotte my 11 year old. They love using the alcohol inks, what a great medium for kids. The only thing I did was the cutting. I am proud of their work!
This card is by Laura the 7 year old. She loves red. (could you tell?) It was so fun watching her pound the alcohol ink into the paper. She made a lot of noise. LOL She choose and did all the elements for the card. I heat embossed and cut the paper. I think she did a great job. She also wrote on the inside to: Samuel. Who is this boy who has stolen her heart?
This card is by my 12 year old Andrew. He was so excited to participate.....first he said he wasn't going too then the vision of alcohol inks ran through his head and he was happily stamping away.
I just wish I had 3 pairs of hands everybody wanted me at the same time. After they were done and uploaded they left me alone to finish up. I have only done one card so far but I'm happy with it! I will upload it tomorrow!
Thanks for viewing my kids art, they would be thrilled if you left a comment! Thanks :)


Dorinda said...

Oh they are all so beautiful!!! Fabulous!!!

Allison said...

These are super...probably would beat out a lot of my creations! Ha!

stampin_melissa said...

Wow, these are awesome! Are you sure that they were done by your CHILDREN???? Please let them know that I think they each did a fabulous job!

BTW, you are brave, my DS is only 3.5 but I KNOW I'll have a hard time letting him use my stuff! LOL!

mjb coffee said...

Nice cards! They all look good, and maybe something of their personalities show through. Give young ones an opportunity and they just take off and make it their own.

Cyndi said...

Wonderful Work by ALL!!!!

These are fabulous! Beautiful!

Keep up the great work everyone!