Thursday, September 09, 2010

5 point star: Part 2

Use the sticky strip on the side tabs of the star points. Apply tape to 4 points.

The first point needs sticky strip on both tabs, on the 3 points you only need sticky strip on the far tab. By the time you get to the last point you will have sticky strip on all the tabs that need it.

Or for extra hold you can put it on all tabs. :)

Then you just peel the red liner off. Line up the 2 tabs and press them together.

Keep adding the points to the star. Make sure to apply a little pressure to the tabs to make a good bond with the adhesive.
Only one more point to's really easy, isn't it!

Here is the finished star ready for decoration.
I will post the rosette tutorial tomorrow. These are fun and can be made in all different sizes.
Any questions just ask.....

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