Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's been a busy week. Most of my family has been very ill with a flu like bug. So I really haven't stamped much. I am hoping to remedy that today. I took place in a swap a few weeks ago. I got back 40 fabulous cards all showcasing items in the holiday mini. This card was created by Dorthy Sealfer from Alberta. I just love the golden halo.
I think this was my absolute favorite card. It is glittery and vintage and just excellent.
It was made by Michelle Tamboline.

I just love how she made the pumpkin. I would have never thought of that. Really cute! This card was made by Shyla Ducharme.
I love being able to participate in the swaps. I get great ideas from them. The downside is it makes me want Set's I said I wasn't going to buy.

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