Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Good morning it is a nice sunny day here and I am busy scrapping away, don't have anything ready to show yet, but later today I will post the page I am working on.

I recently came across the few random pictures taken of my childhood (youngest child syndrome) I want to be able to present them in a meaningful way, so that when I look back on them I get all misty eyed and my kids understand their mother in a new way. LOL So I have been keeping track of a few fun and essential pages for any one's scrapbook.

1: Share the three most defining Moments of your life. This is a good one and one I have pondered for a long while. As a cancer survivor I feel an even bigger need to tell my story so my kids will maybe come to understand me. Ok, I know I'm dreaming but it might happen.

2: Describe yourself in 5 words. This is another really cool one that I can't wait to do. I also think this should be done yearly. A good January project while all those goals are still fresh in our minds.

3 Focus on a hidden talent. I have been told we all have talents, some hidden some we love to share. Take the time to let the world know what you can do. As long as it's not embarrassing. :)

4: Reveal a life long dream. We all live busy lives. Sometimes we put our dreams on hold due too, raising a family, illness, caring for others. It's time to put those dreams down on paper.

5: Share a life changing quote or phrase. I am a quote person. I love them, they uplift me greatly. Today I found this one "Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul" Write and share those strong feelings of love, joy and gratitude but don't forget hope and faith.

I know that I plan to do these very layouts. I will share them as I create them.
Hopefully you can find an idea here that sparks your interest.
Happy Scrapping.

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