Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Here it is.............My first tutorial. I hope you can all understand it. What seems totally clear to me might not be to you. LOL Please let me know how this works for you. :)

  1. Use a 12x12 piece of double side paper. You could use a one-sided paper that has no writing on the back or you could stamp it! Then fold it in 1/2. See that was simple.

  2. Open it up. Fold the right hand side into the middle.

  3. Open it again and fold the right hand side to the fold you just made.

  4. Repeat on the left side.

  5. Make a paper hem on both sides that is approximately 1/4 inch. Just fold it over and press.

  6. Now here is the tricky part. Open the paper with the hem facing up. Now, fold the corner into the second fold line. Fold all 4 corners this way.

  7. Now fold the doors closed. You will have a rectangle.

  8. Flip it over. Bend the top back so it is even with the top of the parts you folded down.
    Is that clear as mud?

  9. Now fold up from the bottom and slip the ends into the corners you have created at the top. This picture only shows it pushed in 1/2 way. You need to slide it in all the way to the top. Like the next picture beside it.

10 Then fold it in 1/2 and you have it!

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Amanda said...

Lisa, you are awesome! You have to send me one of these so I know if mine turned out right though . . . I am kinda slow *smiles*