Monday, October 09, 2006

Once upon a little time a girl named Lisa came
To a thread so nice and fun she decided to remain.
Many friends all tried and true flocked to chat with her
Because she was the coolest redhead in our universe.
And then she found her passion, in flowers paper and silk
They came in tins and boxes, and bottles shaped for milk.
Primas flew into her basket at the online stores
And every time that Lisa bought some, she only wanted more!
A Prima filled coffin to lay her head when time's toll must be met
Is what our Lisa often asks, but she ain't gonna get it yet!
For though her kids drive her to the brink, sometimes each day it seems
We aren't giving her up quite yet, cause Lisa is our Prima Queen!

This was written by my friend Jen! It brought a smile to my heart and a tear to my eye. So I wanted to have it forever, kind of like the prima's I hoard. So Thanks jen this was awful sweet and now it is forever on my blog!


Jen said...

Now you're making me cry!! I'm glad you liked the poem honey, cause I sure love you!!!!

Alli said...

Jen is a sweetie and I agree with every line, just rubbish at poetry. You are the best honey!