Monday, October 09, 2006

I LOVE FALL! Did ya get that. Today is Thanksgiving and I enjoyed a little drive around by myself. The area we live in is so beautiful. I thought I would share it with my friends.
The top picture is our back view of the North Mountain, it has broken out into color...the other day the kids said "I smell fall." I love the smell of fall.
The top picture is at the end of our street. I drive past these fishing boats everyday and i never stop marveling at their quiet beauty!
This picture is taken looking out across the river to the South Mountain. I love sitting on the porch and looking at the beauty of fall!
These pumpkins were just hanging out at the gas station. It looked so pretty!
I would have loved to run away today and just soak up the scenery but apparently my family wanted Thanksgiving Dinner. The nerve.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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Alli said...

Oh, I am speechless, I'm definitely coming for a visit, your house and surroundings are just too beautiful for words.
Trouble is if I came, I don't think I'd ever leave, lol.