Monday, October 09, 2006

This is a gift for my friend Beth. Beth is famous for her "Look a Chicken" line. When i saw this fabric i knew i had to make her something. I saw this idea in an Australian Scrap booking Magazine.

The instructions were a little sketchy on how to get the fabric to look really nice....but I think for a first attempt it is not to shabby. Plus it's a gift she has to love it!

Plus there was no pattern for the finishing pieces so i had to wing it. The charm is made from a piece of the fabric in between 2 glass slides and it one of the new slide frames. It was then covered in crystal effects and clear micro beads.

The inside is envelopes glued back to back to make pockets for pictures, quotes, tags or what ever you like. I will make more of them , and improve upon each one. I wish i had the Best of Cluck set. Will need to put it on my wish list.

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texasjodylynn said...

Very original! I like it!